Challenges Dates: January 10th - March 10th

The 60 Day Leadership & Wellbeing Challenge
 A deep-dive, online coaching experience to learn how to LEAD YOUR DAY in a way that ensures your wellbeing & energizes your leadership. 
Bulëza Koci 
 CEO at EuroZyto
You don't become the best version of yourself by accident, it takes work and it takes guidance. The decision to join the challenge was the best decision I've made all year, and I have decided to keep working with Mentor as my Coach (and mentor) for both taking care of my wellbeing, as well as for guidance for all the challenges I face as a CEO of an pharmaceutical company with great responsibility of offering products & services to patients in very critical life situations.
Give your self the gift of a supporting community and an individual coach & Mentor (whose name happens to be Mentor), who will be the biggest cheerleader in your path!  
We are all investing in iPhones but how many of us are investing in "i"?
If you plan to climb high and reach for the stars isn't it important that you have balance established within yourself first? Without proper balance, you risk falling and ending up far, far away from that mountain top or galaxy… Without balance and clarity all this pursuit leads to frustration, confusion, and burnout – and at times even trickles down to some sort of depression and anxiety – which nobody wants. 

I know things feel out of control when you’re not feeling at your best and not making progress towards your dreams. I’ve been there! It just feels like nothing's working and you’re out there all alone working against an outdated system and mentality that does not understand you.

However, it’s not your fault! This even happens to the very best leaders out there.
But… some successful leaders have figured how to overcome these challenges. You know how 🧐?

They got the help they needed – when they needed it the most – and BEFORE it was too late.

I'm sharing these reflections because I have something that has successfully helped so many other changemakers like you - and now I'm offering it for the first time for my Kosovar community. I'm launching the next round of The 60 Day Leadership & Wellbeing Challenge to HELP YOU lead your day in a way that establishes your wellbeing, energizes your leadership, and scales your impact. Interested? Read on...

"The 60 Day Leadership & Wellbeing Challenge was exactly the life boost I needed to step into my leadership and take care of myself better while increasing my impact & influence. "

This is what you will learn ...

  • Conquer Your Morning: A successful morning leads to a successful day.  
  • Establish Consistent Wellbeing Practices for Self-Care: Going to the gym, meditating, eating healthy... are not difficult to do. Doing them consistently is! Consistency is key to self-care and leadership. 
  • Energize Your Life's Mission: Stepping into your purpose and bringing clarity to your dreams is the rocketfuel for your leadership. 
  • Build Your Community: Attracting the right community around you is the most essential ingredient to fulfillment & success. 
  • Money Mindset: Rediscover your relationship with money and create breakthroughs towards your dreams while making an impact. 
  • Master Difficult Conversations: Having difficult conversations is not just healthy for you but it brings your leadership to the next level. 
  • ​and much more....
"It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles."
You probably agree that improving yourself is necessary for having a successful life and achieving your goals. It all starts with you! 

The better you function, the better the outcomes. How you predominately feel, the story you tell yourself about yourself, and how you lead your day are what shape your life! Are you craving a shift towards your best self? 

All it takes to achieve this shift is to dedicate 60 days to your growth. We've got an EPIC roadmap PROVEN to be transformative for all types of leaders from across the world. This challenge is your roadmap! 
The challenge is a great way to check-in with yourself. It is deeply personal and helps you rediscover your strengths and things that maybe stopping you from realizing your potential. It gives you something very valuable a community that works with you that supports you in this endeavour.
Tarang Singhal
Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of Subliminal Designs 
The 60 Day Challenge came at the perfect time for me to be able to bring certain aspects of my life together to form an overall strategy to become the best version of myself everyday, or at least understand how I can achieve it. If you have been down a path of wellness and are looking to bring it full circle, or are starting the journey and don't know where to begin, this course has value for you. Mentor and Ali are incredible stewards of this process and will get you to the next level!
Tommy Verderame
Director of Cultivation at Cesco Arizona
The 60 Day Leadership and Wellbeing Challenge has provided me with the inspiration & structure I need to live a healthy, thriving life. Through this challenge, I was able to successfully revamp my morning routine and finally put together my draft (now nearly-published) book! The support of the group and feeling like "we're all in this together" really helped make the challenge feel wholesome and united. The synergy of the cohort with the leadership of Mentor and Ali made the journey full of inspiration and compassion. Mentor and Ali are wonderful facilitators who lead with the heart! I recommend this challenge to anybody looking to bring about a better version of themselves. :)

Ryan Mores
Sustainability Leader at Arizona State University

The 60 Day Challenge Includes:

  • Two 90 min 1-on-1 Coaching sessions with Mentor ($1500 value)
  • ​Powerful, in-depth video lessons that accompany each module of the challenge. ($2500 value)
  • ​Weekly Community Zoom Meetings, facilitated by Mentor ($3500 value)
  • Group coaching on our weekly a calls (invaluable)
  • ​Special guest coaching events and workshops ($1000 value)
  • ​Curated resources and practices for your leadership & wellbeing ($1000 value)
  • ​A private Facebook group for participants with daily access to me and my team (invaluable)
  • ​Lifelong membership to the Facebook community as we grow (invaluable)
  • ​Access to my community of practice and 1-on-1 introductions (invaluable)
  • ​Access to VIP MOMENTUM UPGRADE for weekly coaching sessions with Mentor & daily Voxer communication.
  • ​And much more...



    Sam Levine 
    Professional Musician / Private Instructor
    "His humility, coupled with his unmatched warmth and approachability, has made Mentor one of my strongest allies, and already within 1-2 months I (and others) have noticed a dramatic boost in inspiration, energy, creativity, confidence, leadership, communication, and most importantly my wellbeing. Our sessions - truly priceless! - have signaled a new chapter in my life, and I am so excited to see where things go from here. Thanks Mentor!”

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    ✨Money Back Guarantee✨

    My commitment to you is simple: RESULTS. Previous participants will tell you that I go above and beyond the scope of the challenge to ensure transformative results. If doing this program does not get you the desired results, and you are not satisfied with the challenge, there is a 100% money back guarantee. 

    We won't settle until you get results! 
    This Is Your Chance To Take This Challenge And Upgrade Yourself

    Here what challenge participants had to say about Mentor:

    "He is great at inspiring people. I love the meditation he recommended It has been my favorite meditation i have done thus far. "

    "Mentor inspires everyone around him to prioritize taking care on themselves first."

    "Mentor has a superhuman ability to connect with others and help them move forward in their journey. He is the best at this."

    "If it was not for Mentor, I still would be unemployed."

    "Mentor is one of the best listeners I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. His ability to hear what you're saying and respond meaningfully everytime is a true gift."

    "Mentor connects with people authentically and brings out the best in others."

    "If it was not for Mentor, I still would be unemployed."

    "Mentor lives his name perfectly. I might name my son after him"

    "Mentor challenges you and supports you at the same time. He knows how to push you to grow without breaking you. "

    Meet Your Instructor 
    From Kosovo to the United States
    Growing up in war torn Kosovo full of injustice, rebuilding itself from the ground up has made me who I am today. During the war in Kosovo, my family and I were forced to flee from our country straight into a refugee camp. At the refugee camp on the border of Macedonia, I witnessed hundreds of volunteers from all over the world sacrificing everything they had to help us, people that they didn't even know. Seeing those volunteers help thousands of people gave me clear vision of what I wanted to do with my life that is true to this day. I am on a mission to ensure that the world is filled with changemakers like those kind-hearted volunteers. 

    In the several years following that childhood experience, I set out on a journey that has been the last 13 years of my life: 

    🌎 I traveled as a 17 year old speaking little English to move to the United States to pursue my Bachelors and Masters degrees
    🤝 I started two non-profit organizations while in college
    😃 I landed a dream job at Ashoka (the world’s pioneering organization for social entrepreneurship) 
    🇺🇳 I consulted for the United Nations and endless other awesome organizations that taught me so much about my life’s work…and 
    ❤️ Met the woman of my dreams, too... 

    In this journey, I made a mistake that I want to ensure you do not make. Changing the world was so important to me that I sacrificed my wellbeing along the way...

    That feeling of giving drop by drop of yourself to your cause until… The bucket is empty. 

    I started to pay the price 6 years ago when:

    ❌ Anxiety was not letting me sleep.
    ❌ My energy was so low that I could barely wake up in the morning. 
    ❌ I could not get my mind to focus, even on projects that I loved. 
    ❌ Depression isolated me from the closest people in my life. 
    ❌ Doctors could not figure out what was wrong with my health time and time again. 
    ❌ I ended up at the hospital, multiple times. 
    ❌ I started to doubt my purpose and these goals I worked so hard for. 
    Deep down in my intuition, I knew that things could not go on as they were: lost and confused in every category of my life. Even worse, the people in my life didn't understand what I was going through. Most thought I was even better than okay - they thought that I was flourishing and thriving, because my external outcomes were giving them that impression.

    Let me share with you something you might already know: 

    Succeeding at external goals feels AWFUL when you are failing internally. 

    When all my inner systems were crashing, I didn’t care less whether I was winning an award, being recognized as my graduate school commencement speaker, or working for the organization of my dreams. It was not worth it.  

    Along the way, I tried to feel better through a variety of medicine, acupuncture, therapy, reiki, positive psychology, and so on… Each one helped a tiny bit, but there was no substantial, life-changing shift happening in me. 

    I was looking for a full-on a bigger shift which happened only AFTER I started applying this principle that I'm about to share with you. Read on, my friend..
    In order to have and maintain dental hygiene, you have to brush your teeth about twice a day - correct? Dental hygiene does not come from reading a book about dental hygiene. It comes from brushing your teeth, flossing your teeth, holding yourself accountable to visit the dentist, make repairs along the way… consistently. The PRACTICE of dental hygiene, because you value it and know its importance, makes the difference!

    Personally up until 5 years ago, I had little to no wellbeing practices in my life. It took an intensive 5+ year journey of discovering, and successfully integrating wellbeing practices into my life- and I got to say that it has been the most transformative thing I've done in my life. 

    All my external success that followed I accredit to this inner shift that I've experienced in my life. Everything changed my leadership, impact, and quality of life. 
    Today, I'm in a new level of leadership where I've been excelling as a Professional Changemaker (yep, the ultimate dream!). Giving keynote speeches at world-renowned social innovation events such as the Ashoka U Exchange, facilitating movements with top universities like Stanford and Yale, publishing academic papers for changemaking and outcomes in youth, and coaching changemakers in companies like Facebook, T-Mobile, and General Motors. People today would describe me as a person full of passionate energy, incredibly clear-minded and focused, relentlessly effective, and impact-driven at reaching my goals... Even better is that… I AGREE WITH THEM (humbly)!  I'm excited to work together with you and explore unlimited possibilities. 
    Extremely Limited Time Offer
    This Is Your Chance To Claim The Best Deal Of The Year

    The Way Out Is In Methodology

    The Way Out Is In Methodology consists of six critical elements that are the foundation of leadership & wellbeing. These are the universal elements that differentiate a thriving person from a struggling one. All of these elements are interconnected, and during the course of the challenge we will dive deeper into each one of these, as well as focus on the elements that you are struggling most with. This challenge is about you leading your day in a way that these are integrated and balanced. 

    "We are the leaders we have been waiting for."
    ~Barack Obama

    Removing blockages and bringing balance to these six elements is key to be the leader that you have been waiting for. My question to you is.... What are you waiting for? Enroll now! 

    Here's what participants had to say

    "Mentor is one of the most special human beings I have gotten an opportunity to know. He is an amazing coach who has enabled me to reach my maximum potential through his constant desire to support my leadership and wellbeing. He is someone who I believe will fundamentally change the way the world thinks about work and life."
    Shafat Khan
    Social Entrepreneur at Ashoka
    "Mentor's great, out-of-the-box ideas have helped me think about different ways I could strengthen and scale my organization and support my wellbeing. His perspective is the perfect balance of ambitious and practical. Most importantly, Mentor is a great friend. From helping me problem-solve, to mindfulness tips, and sharing food recipes, I know I can count on Mentor for anything."
    Manat Kaur
    Founder of Object
    "Mentor's enthusiastic approach to life is contagious! Mentor helped me to recognize that you need to prioritize your own wellbeing, in order to serve others best. Being around a Mentor is like being around a catalyst for change: you can't help but to want to reform things when you're around him."
    Dwayne Grrifin
    Founder of Books for Bedtime
    You are here for a reason.
    This Is Your Chance To Claim The Best Deal Of The Year
    Frequently Asked Questions
    - When does the challenge start? 
    Registration ends Jan 9th and the challenge starts January 10th and goes to March 10th. The timing for group sessions will be determined through a doodle poll. The 1-on-1 session timing will be flexible to you and Mentor's schedule. 
    - I'm worried if this is going to fit with my already busy schedule?
    This challenge at its core is about you leading your day well, and if you are a busy type of person you will absolutely love the challenge because it will help you manage your time better. So when there is something that you want to do in your life you will make sure to dedicate time. Your commitment to this challenge is show up in the weekly calls, show up to the two 90 min 1-on-1 coaching sessions, and to do the work that you feel it is necessary to upgrade your leadership & wellbeing. 
    - What happens if I miss a session? 
    You are highly encouraged to don't miss a session. In case you do, then all session will be recorded and you can review the session at your own time. 
    - Are there installment plans for payment? 
    Yes there are! You can pay either in full, or in two installments.
    - I'm not sure if this is the program for me? 
    Let's have a chat. Feel free to email and we will schedule a call with you to explore if you are a fit. 

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